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Reisha 1
R eisha Bernard, born in Brooklyn, NY, with family roots in Trinidad & Tobago, is a proud mother and wife and a highly driven design professional, fostering a healthy designer-client relationship. She began her love for the industry by pursuing a degree in Architecture, attending Prairie View A&M University and later discovered a deep passion for how the interior environments correlate to human behavior and function. Reisha’s drive to enhance the positivity of the human experience through design is inspired by observation of the psychological impacts of environmental structure.  With this love, she later attended the New York Institute of Art & Design to polish her skills in the interior design world. Furthermore, her focus with clients is to create a space that is aesthetically pleasing and improve the total nature of every individual. Her client relationships were strongly developed, residentially and commercially, through her tenure as a designer for multiple companies. Moreover, between 2012-216, Reisha successfully led four Model Home designs and remodels with reports of tenant increase and continues to enhance the residential experience with every client.
Septra 1
Septra Shiner, native Houstonian, wife, and mother, has spent her life with a vision to design beautiful spaces that evoke positive emotions in the human spirit. This vision led her to pursue a Bachelors degree in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Houston. Her unique journey into the design field allowed her to view the client experience from all angles. Her commitment to the client experience will always be held as her highest regard. Septra has been honored to design the William David Custom Homes – Cane Island Projects interiors which won the highly acclaimed  2019 Prism Award Best Custom Home of the Year 1mil – 1.5mil price range. Her Interior Design projects have included residential, commercial, and hospitality. Septra considers herself an “Empathetic Designer” and yields to her clients’ individual needs. She is a social media advocate and highly believes in keeping up with design trends but utilizing them in a timeless fashion.



Reisha and Septra met August 2011 while both working at the boldly unique retail design store, West Elm. These ladies immediately bonded over their love for interior design and dedication to quality service for clients. While working at West Elm clients consistently mistook them  for one another, due to the fact they’re interactions were very similar. Both ladies elevated their career over the years , but their paths continued to cross one another. They have both worked for West Elm, Restoration Hardware Luxury Design Firm, and Dream by MJS Interiors Design Firm. Their driven purpose to provide a unique design service dedicated to “Healing Spaces to Create a Peaceful Mind”,  led them to creating  R&S Holistic Interiors.  Reisha and Septra  target the core of every client’s needs Aesthetically, Functionally, Holistically and with Integrity. They truly care about all spaces whether commercial or residential because  they require human interaction and a promotion of  efficiency. Moreover, improving the overall well-being of every individual occupying the space. In turn, clients can not only benefit from adding value into their investments physically but create a space that will add long term value by strategically knowing that every aspect of their property is beneficial in all parts of the human experience. R&S Holistic Interiors provides customized design processes to ensure each client experience is suited to their lifestyle.

RS 2

R & S have been a lifesaver for us and the new construction of our dream home.  Their mantra “Healing spaces to create a peaceful mind” says it all.  These two young professionals with no hesitation took on a monster of a project and gave us the space to breath and eased our minds.  They listened and studied our style and wants and made it happen.  I will definitely use R & S for all my future projects.


Where do I begin? Reisha and Septra have been a God sent to my husband and I. Interior decorating is truly a talent and a gift that these ladies have certainly mastered. I struggled with decorating my home for two years; spending countless hours shopping in the wrong stores and purchasing the wrong items. I knew the look I was going for but just did not have the proper guidance in making the vision into a reality.  I originally met Reisha and Septra in 2016. Their professionalism and passion for interior design was evident from our very first meeting.  We started with the common areas of the home.  Reisha and Septra presented me with ideas for the living/kitchen/dining areas and we collectively developed an outstanding design concept.  There is not one person that walks into our home without complimenting my husband and I our interior design.

Fast forward to 2020, My husband and I were ready to decorate our master bedroom and bathroom. Again, I called Reisha and Septra and they blew our minds beyond our expectations.  My husband and I feel like we’re sleeping in a penthouse luxury suite.  Reisha and Septra are forever our interior designers.

There are no words to describe the feeling of coming home to a well designed/decorated home. If you are struggling with your interior design process, contact these ladies ASAP. They can work with ANY budget to make your vision a reality. Investing in your home is investing in yourself; and you are worth it! Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed!!!