"Healing Spaces to Create a Peaceful Mind"
Jefferson Heights Model Unit A & B

This urban, edgy, luxury apartment, strategically located in the heart of century old homes, brings a young, vibrant perspective, where downtown’s edge meets the heights style. Collaboratively working with building developers to bring to life a living quarters that feels lively, spacious and appealing, this design executes that vision with precision.

"Healing Spaces to Create a Peaceful Mind"

Model Unit A is scaled at 702 sq. ft. and to any potential tenant, conveys versatility for comfort, entertainment and study friendly spaces. Moreover, using light, airy, soothing, with strickenly bold hints of color, creating an atmosphere of interest to this quaint dwelling.


Model Unit B, scaled at 1145 sq. ft., provides more liveable space to all potential tenants. The layout of furnishings and decor captures a space that is intimate yet spacious and functional with great flow. The color palette offers bold pops, eclectic patterns and a contemporary vibe that catches the attention of hip professionals and families immersed in a “timeless trend”.