"Healing Spaces to Create a Peaceful Mind"
Creekmont Residence

This project has been designed in phases in consideration to the owners budget request. The most recent phase is the Owners Bedroom Retreat. The Owners are young & modest, and savvy & sophisticated in personality. Their careers demand extended hours which led them to dreaming of coming home to a Penthouse Suite aesthetic they can completely unwind in.

"Healing Spaces to Create a Peaceful Mind"

The design began with an accent wall inspiration. We custom designed a faux metallic wash paint for the main wall behind the bed. The remaining walls were painted a subdued gray to compliment the bold faux painted accent wall. They requested a neutral light and airy with metallic tones color palette ensuring the space would feel soft and soothing. With this in mind we strategically layered in bold pops of plum and exceptionally elegant brass accessories. These elements combined provided a romantic ambiance to their requested soothing space. Considering the bedroom retreat is scaled slightly smaller our focus was to ensure the design would provide an illusion of Grandeur. Our personal favorite selection in the room are the brass beveled mirrors flanking both sides of the bed. The stunning shape of the mirrors provide a unique approach to this layout. The Owners Bedroom Retreat transitioned beautifully with the Formal Dining and Foyer aesthetic which had been designed in earlier phases years prior. 

The highlight of this project is that it was fully designed and completed during the peek of COVID 19. All items were researched and sourced online. It was a true pleasure to meet the owners expectations in spite of such challenging times.