"Healing Spaces to Create a Peaceful Mind"
Jersey Village

This Craftsman Style home originally built in 1988 has a feel good “movie” history. The current owners’ grandparents originally owned and lived in the home. The current owner grew up living directly behind her grandparents and decided to purchase her grandparents home as an adult. Fast forward to today and the current owners children have the same sweet luxury to live directly in front of their own grandparents.

"Healing Spaces to Create a Peaceful Mind"

The original structure was a one story, the major aspect of the remodel was the second floor addition. A full kitchen remodel and outdoor living space were also incorporated in the remodel process. The home is lived in by the owners and their two teenage children who entertain friends often. The owners desired for the home to be beautiful but most importantly practical and functional. Perennial fabrics were used in all areas of the home allowing the owners to utilize light colors without the need to fret over stains. Considering their fondness of the outdoors; natural raw materials, reclaimed woods , belgian linens, and rowen bluestone were incorporated  in perfect detail. 


During the beginning of the design process the owners considered selling the home, but after witnessing the transformation they could not imagine leaving this piece of their history behind.